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Joseph Smith said that spirit matter can only be discerned by purer eyes. Joseph didn't explain what he meant by "purer eyes". I interpret it to mean that spirit matter can't be detected by our mortal eyes. To substantiate this interpretation, we have the experience of Moses (Moses 1:11) who saw the spirit body of Jesus Christ. He said that he would have died if he had seen God with his physical eyes. He said he saw God with his spiritual eyes, what ever that means. Further substantiation comes from the experience of the Brother of Jared who saw the spirit body of Jesus Christ. Ether 3:6 states that when the BoJ saw the Lord, a "veil" was taken from his eyes. We don't know what was meant by that "veil", but that verse does imply that the BoJ didn't see the Lord with his mortal eyes.

Thus, I don't believe that models of spirit matter can be tested by scientists. I'm not a scientist, but my understanding of science is that it involves the forming of hypotheses and the testing of those hypotheses. The various models of spirit matter could be considered hypotheses, but I don't understand how those hypotheses can be tested if scientists can not observe spirit matter. Without testing, the models of spirit matter remain intellectual exercises and are not part of science.

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