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Go live Time : 07 September 2022, 01:48 AM

Owned By All Contributors

We plan on being completely open and free. All content will be licensed under the GNU Free Document License and all system code under the GNU General Public License or similar license as decided by consensus.

While there is a patent pending for the general methods used at canonizer.com, this is not intended to limit any use of these methods. It is only intended to help prevent non cooperative usages of these methods.

Or goal is to have no legally binding or contractual ownership of Canonizer LLC. Anyone can contribute as specified in the Canonizer LLC Development Topic as long as such is agreeable to all. Any potential profits will be distributed to share owners equitably as determined by a canonization process as a cost of doing business. To date we have refused to agree to any legal contracts that give anyone legal ownership of Canonizer LLC.

Privacy Policy

All possible efforts will be employed to maintain the privacy of any personal data managed by Canonizer LLC. Such will never be used for any purpose other than that specifically agreed upon by the contributor.

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