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Go live Time : 18 January 2009, 06:44 PM
Some people make claims such as:

   "Faith! Have it and you can command a tree to move
   from here to over there and it will do it."

We believe all such to be an evil misinterpretation of the great idea that 'faith can do all things'. We believe there are some requirements like understanding and works that must be achieved, before we can expect to achieve any 'miracle'.

Miracles are not something that happens mysteriously or without full understanding. Sure, the tree can be moved, but someone must first understand what is required to move the tree, and finally someone must do the work of digging up the tree and physically moving it. Gods cannot just 'faith' real hard, snap their finger, and watch someone be resurrected. First you must know how to put someone back together, have the required information to do such, then something must do the real work to actually put them back together.

Faith and Hope are simply the idea that we might be able to first achieve the knowledge and understanding of how such things might be done - and second a willingness to never give up until we are able to accomplish the real work required to achieve all things. Faith is simply the driving force that we can accomplish something, or overcome some remaining evil, by doing real works.

We believe faith can indeed accomplish all things, but not without the real understanding and real works on which all miracles are predicated

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