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The primary purpose of this topic is to survey for what the experts think is the most important question, focusing on what is humanities top scientific priority? What scientific question should the best minds of humanity be spending the most money and resources on? We should obviously be spending money to get the most bang for our buck, as far as improving life the most for our children. Will our children look back and say all the time and effort spent on focusing on global warming, Large Hadron Collider, space... was a completely waste of time, and had we spent more time, instead focusing on the secrets of the mind, might we have saved millions of more people from a fate of eternally rotting in the grave?
The goal of this question is to 'canonize' the best expert consensus on this critically important moral issue, in hopes of amplifying everyone's wisdom on such critically important to the quality of any future existence of humanity.
Obviously, those that push for priorities that will turn out to be a complete waste, while sacrificing priorities that may save and improve the lives of many millions of people, if there is ever perfect justice, will have to atone for such destructive sins, and fail to reap a significant reward for being in and helping humanity to see, sooner, what is morally right.

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