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What is Redness?

Richard Dawkins indicates the most important question he wants to know the answer to in This YouTube Video. He is clearly a supporter of this camp that thinks subjective consciousness is the most important question.
Philosophers have been troubling over the philosophy of mind for centuries. Most people seem to agree or think there is still no consensus on much of anything in this field. The survey topic on theories of consciousness seems to be indicating after all that there may be an emerging scientific consensus that phenomenal properties, like redness, are what consciousness is made of, and that redness is an experienced phenomenal property of certain neural correlates.
Nuts and bolts neural researchers and brain imagers continue to make significant progress in our understanding of how the brain works. However, because of this lack of understanding of what where and how to look for redness, they continue to be blind to it. We believe the only remaining problem standing in our way of making this discovery, is simply this lack of understand of what where and how to look for redness. In other words, it is a communication problem. Once the wisdom of the crowd can fully understand what the experts know, and can hear this signal above all the popular distracting noise, someone will finally be able to look, or rather eff the ineffable, and enable everyone to finally see it.
There are enumerable problems in this world people are expending huge resources on in an attempt to improve things. Everything from disease, to global warming, to hunger, to space travel, war, death, and so on. We believe achieving a re-engineering capable understanding of the mind will have the ability mostly resolve every last one of these issues. All the huge efforts we are currently expending to solve the symptoms of the world's problems, the billions of dollars being spent on other fields of science, and so on, would be much better spent focusing on this one core issue able to resolve most all of our problems.

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