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Go live Time : 11 January 2024, 08:17 PM

Overall, a bit too edgy, but on the whole, it is great!

We especially like the parts about things like God creating cancer, before he “cures it.”

We are freedom lovers, so we like people having the ability to own guns, but we also like Japan.  And I’m a Swiftee, and think she is a great person.  I don’t pay much attention to who she is dating.  He has the “Instagram feature” a bit wrong, as everyone should be able to contribute to the contributions as the exponentially grow.  Everyone should know, concisely and quantitatively what everyone thought about them.  We don’t like Reality TV, nor do we like Trump.

It is a shame that all the wealthy have most of the money, but we believe there are solutions to that.

We agree the two-party system isn’t working.  We need a one-party system that has the goal of getting what everyone wants, in all their extremes.

In the end, he said some of the bad things “ain't ever gonna change” but we disagree.  There is always hope, and the world just keeps on getting better.

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