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The purpose of this POV Structure topic is to specify how canonizer.com will represent large sets of potentially independent issues of controversy within complex topics.

Complex controversial issues such as religion or philosophy of mind usually involve large sets of beliefs or doctrines. Of the many issues within the topic of the philosophy of mind, for example there are two typical examples:

  • Qualia Qualophiles could believe qualia are real and an important part of consciousness, while qualophobes could believe qualia don't really exist or aren't important for various reasons.
  • Representational Some people could believe in direct perception - that we are directly aware of things in the world, while others may be representational and believe that our knowledge only exists in our brain as the final result of the perception process and that this is all we are directly aware of.
Amongst the large sets of such issues, various people pick and choose where they stand on each individual issue. Each issue can be represented as a different independent dimension of belief resulting in a many dimensional space. What individuals believe within each dimension places them at a location within such a multi dimensional space. The two dimensions described above could result in a two dimensional space with 4 possible locations. There could be representational qualophiles, representational qualophobes, direct perception qualophiles and finally direct perception qualophobes.

What is the best way to represent such complex multi issue topics in the canonizer?

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