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Nexus Theory and the Connection to Consciousness

According to Nexus Theory, biophotons, which are photons of real light emitted from cell mitochondria, can be guided through fiber-optic structures to reach the cerebral ventricles, fluid-filled cavities in the brain that are lined with beating cilia. These biophotons interact with one another through wave interference to form dynamically resonant 3D holographic structures, known collectively as a Nexus, which operate in sync with and are driven by the brain's neural activities through a process called neurophotic resonance. The Nexus has the potential to influence the brain's neural events and is made of light, making it capable of interacting with the universe's background energy, also known as zero point energy, virtual energy, or vacuum energy, among others.

This background energy, which is present in the universe, is believed to be far more powerful than nuclear energies, but is unavailable to us as it apparently exists outside our time-bound frame of reference. Nexus Theory posits that this pool of virtual energy contains the source of consciousness in a higher, unitary expression that many religious teachings refer to as God, who is associated with Light. Nexus Theory suggests that virtual photons, carriers of this higher source of consciousness, interact with the Nexus to animate our brains and bodies, giving us the illusion of separate selves.

According to Nexus Theory then, what we know as consciousness is directly derived from a single, higher source for all conscious creatures and is propagated holographically through the universe, meaning that we are all One with that higher unitary source of consciousness and thererfore One with each other too, but with the effect of each of us living an illusion of separateness. 

More information on the physiologic mechanisms supporting consciousness can be found at brainandconsciousness.com

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