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Go live Time : 10 January 2023, 02:17 AM

Qualia are Waves

First of all, EVERYTHING is waves. Electrons, protons, quarks (up down top bottom strange...). They are all waves. When atoms stick together into molecules, and molecules into crystals or structures, their bulk mass resonates as a single entity. It is what holds them together.

We do not experience color as individual points of color experience, molecule by molecule. We experience color as extended spatial surfaces and volumes on every object in our experience. That is NOT a molecular type experience. It IS a three-dimensional spatial continuum of solid objects, bounded by colored surfaces, embedded in a spatial void.

Waves in water or air can of course be reduced to their component molecules. But the wave itself is not a molecular phenomenon, it is a global wave-like movement through the macroscopic bulk of the fluid. Molecules are the wrong level of analysis for the waves they sustain. If you try to slice and dice consciousness into a million fragments, the holism is destroyed. It is no longer capable of holistic awareness. Like the bubble that pops into a million tiny droplets. The spherical self-awareness of the bubble Gestalt is destroyed.

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