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Go live Time : 26 December 2022, 04:58 AM

Functionalism falsifying arguments

Michael McKinsy, in his A REFUTATION OF QUALIA-PHYSICALISM pointed out that qualia can’t be functional “Since no functional property is sufficient to determine ‘what it’s like’ to have any given sense experience.”

We recognize that it is true that various waves can be configured to represent trichromatic color vision in a circular/harmonic wave configuration, after all this is the way color television signals are represented. However, We believe McKinsey's argument could also be said for qualia being only waves: “no wave property is sufficient to determine ‘what it’s like’ to have any given quality of a sense experience. This would be true in the case that waves in different material like waves in air and waves in water being able to produce the same colorness quality. But this wouldn’t be the case if redness was only possible with a wave in a specific material parts of it had physical colorness qualities, since what had the redness quality, which was part of the wave, would be what has the redness quality.

The Neural Substitution thought experiment is one of the primary arguments people use to justify functionalism. However, we are in the camp that believes this argument suffers from a Neural Substitution Fallacy.”

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