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Go live Time : 31 July 2021, 12:58 AM

Qualia Are Signaling Patterns

Dr Chirapat Ukachoke’s “The Basic Theory of the Mind” asserts that qualia are neural signaling patterns.

First, it can be shown that qualia are physical phenomena, governed by physical laws.(Quick proof of this) And to be more specific, they are neural-process associated physical phenomena, occuring only with neural processes.

Next, because the physical properties of qualia and those of neural-process signaling patterns are identical, it is inevitable to conclude that qualia are neural-process signaling patterns.

"If we look around and consciously experience the visual qualia occurring right in front of us now, with the facts that our consciousness can experience the visual qualia and that the only things the consciousness neural process is capable of reading are signaling patterns of neural processes, it is inescapable to conclude that we are, in fact, experiencing the signaling patterns of neural processes!”

(Quick proof that qualia are signaling patterns)

This theory is fully described on the The Basic Theory of The Mind website.

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