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Go live Time : 30 April 2019, 08:40 PM


The supporters of this camp think that any kind of “dualism”, including "property dualism", confuses people. “Causal qualities” and “causal properties” are not different things; they are synonyms. These types of confusion are a big part of the reason people think there is a “hard problem.” While it is true that we can observe causal qualities in two ways - through causal observation and direct awareness - both of these methods are observing the same causal qualities. When we observe qualitative physics through cause and effect observation, we are just gaining abstract information about how physical qualities behave. The physical properties of the light which our eyes detect, for example, are not like the physical qualities that initiated perception. So it requires qualitative interpretation of the light, back to the quality of the target of perception, to “see” the physical qualities of that target. Thinking in a dualistic way causes people to assume there are just two types of properties that don’t need interpretation, resulting in more qualia blindness.

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