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Although the Multisense Realism models the cosmos with a primordial trichotomy (Sense, Essence, and Existence), this can be understood as an ideal monism which is folded or twisted into a ideal-material dualism. The 'fold' is the true primitive. The symmetry is what allows the monism to 'seem like' a dualism in one sense and a monism in another.
S = Ideal Monism
Es = Ideal chronology (essence, narrative subjectivity, significance)
Ex = Material topology (existence, relativistic objectivity, entropy)
Multisense Realism proposes that the perception of time is a generalized abstraction of the concrete phenomenology of experience which is signifying autobiographical sensorimotive continuity, novelty and recursion. Pattern recognition is Essential and is an ongoing event from which the idea of time and sequence is derived.
The perception of space is likewise a generalized abstraction of the relation of concrete object presentations, an exterior world which is a-signifying, mechanistic, discrete, electromagnetic-gravitational simultaneous multiplicity. The symmetry of the fold is the origin of realism, as the primordial ideal monism (S) becomes 'hardened' through it's involution as (Es) and (Ex.) as the Essential ideal is rooted in a 'seems like itself' sense which is contrary to Existential substance (matter that 'simply is'). 'Simply is, is the 'seems like' which seems like it doesn't just seem like, and so is the ultimate illusion and the proximate reality.

The criticisms of RPT in the Ideal Monism Camp are well founded, however that does not imply automatic support for the opposite position. Multisense Realism offers additional explanations which validate the paradox of mutually causal efficacy of both subjectivity and neurology. Awareness is recognized as having bi-directional participation causality; a meta-compatibilism of compatibilism in one direction and incompatibilism in the other. MR does not support an ideal monism of information, but of worldly realism and sense, of which information is only a part.

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