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Go live Time : 11 January 2023, 01:50 AM

Wave Theory of Consciousness

The holistic Gestalt aspects of perception and cognition strongly implicates a holistic wave like principle of representation and computation in the brain. Gestalt perception is exemplified by visual illusions in which surfaces and volumes that are absent in the stimulus, nevertheless are perceived as explicit extended surfaces in perception.


A: Tse’s volumetric worm produces an experience of B: a cylindrical worm wrapped in a regular spiral around a cylindrical pillar.

This suggests a constructive or generative aspect of perception whereby the perceived volume and surfaces contain more explicit 3D spatial information than is contained in the 2D stimulus.

In other words, the entire world of spatial experience that you perceive around you, including your perception of yourself viewing that world, is a dynamic construct of your perception system, which is necessarily contained within your brain.


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