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Non Quantum or Macro Material Property Dualism

We think it will be most fruitful to first look for qualia on the macro or non quantum physical level. Resorting to ever deeper quantum level causal properties just gives you yet more causal properties and does not resolve the "Quale Interpretation Problem"' (see the Representational Qualia Theory camp for a definition.) We tend to think that people that insist that qualia must be some kind of magic, such as something quantum, or that it can't be simply a natural ineffable property of classical physics, are simply lacking in a full understanding of the "Quale Interpretation Problem" and what it means to eff the ineffable.
The topic forum thread Effing Billiard Ball's Colors discuses how a classical billiard ball model of physics could have phenomenal properties and how it could be possible to get around the "Quale Interpretation Problem" with no special magic required. Just like the rest of physics, we don't really need to know why any of it is the way it is, all we need to know is that it is that way, and to be able to simply eff such to "see" it - whatever it is.
Though the phenomenal properties we experience could be properties of some quantum states of some microtubules or anything, we think it is more likely that they are simply a property of something at the macro level like the wave patterns, as described by Steven Lehar's Wave Theory work. (see:

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