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Go live Time : 22 April 2019, 05:04 PM
The basis of a pan-psychic theory of consciousness is as follows:

Consciousness is the inherent *quality* of the ubiquitous ground or unconditioned absolute space -- located at the static center of the origin (singularity) of each standing wave (particle) -- along with its *quantitative* spin momentum, that serves as the rootless root (generator) of all mass-energy-wave forms. For a confirmation of the standing wave nature of all fundamental particles, and the overall wave structure of matter (WSM), see: http://www.quantummatter.com/articles/

Such non local consciousness is latent in all forms of matter until it becomes actively expressed individually (as awareness, will, qualia, etc.) in all organic life forms (sentient beings). Thus, every cell, organ, body, etc. is phenomenally conscious in one degree or another, with only humankind, at the peak of the evolutionary chain, capable of discriminative and discursive thought due to the awakening of the higher order mind-memory fields, such fields being among the fractal involved hyperspace fields between all neural EM fields, and their zero-point centers of consciousness which are globally entangled with our individual, body centered, self reflected consciousness.

Incidentally, this "awakening" of mind, coupled with the long term memory and short term mind fields, was possibly simultaneous with the evolutionary development of our human ability to vocalize as the basis of language development.

The fractal involvement of all fields radiating from each singularity, is also the basis of the holographic universe, whose total constructive information is contained in every fractal involved zero-point spin-centered hyper-spherical energy field, each of which are fundamentally, electrodynamic in nature and can carry information as modulated wave interference patterned holograms on their surfaces, which modulations, transmitted from field to field by phase conjugate adaptive resonance, can be detected, reconstructed, and experienced subjectively as qualia in the form of modulated pressure waves (phonons) impinging on the zero-point of consciousness, located at the origin of the hyperspace fields of consciousness permeating and surrounding every sentient/living cell, organ, body, etc. It's the ubiquitous aether centered entanglement of all such points of consciousness within the body that allows us to feel a sensation (e.g., pain) at any remote location, simultaneously with our body centered, self-reflective global awareness.

In the visual system, this detection/perception of the holographic image information carried by the mind field is made possible through generation of an auto-willed projection and reflection of a coherent radiation -- originating from the spin momentum of the zero-point of consciousness at the center of the brain's overall neural field that is coadunate (but not consubstantial) with the mind-memory fields. In addition, zero-point conscious will or intent, coupled with its surrounding spin momentum, is the initiator and director/controller of the energy transformed and transmitted through the brain and its neuromuscular system to effectuate the physical actions in response to and in conjunction with sensory perception.

As no phenomenal field or form in the universe can be separated from its noumenal aetheric source and thus, from each other, neither can consciousness, which can, as a quality of the same ubiquitous physical aether and its underlying absolute space, be both universal and individual. This conjunction of zero-point consciousness with fractal involved fields in hyperspace that permeate and surround every physical form accounts for the non-locality of consciousness, as well as brain mind binding, in addition to explaining the possibility of all psi phenomena, such as telepathy, NDE, OOBE, ASC, etc. Further, these interconnected hyperspace fields would account for the chi energy channels and their nodal points used in chinese medicine such as acupuncture, chi-gong, etc.

Thus, unchangeable consciousness (awareness, will,) is the basis of all creativity, and is a primary subjective quality of absolute space (along with its abstract motion or infinite angular spin momentum.) Therefore, consciousness is causally dominant over all mutable objective material fields and forms originating out of that fundamental non-metric spin force or ZPE.

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