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The "coded ordered water" modeling system or trial theory of consciousness emerges based on (1) the underlying general principle of structured duality (things have some structure and things have or exhibit at least one dualic or spectral trait), and (2) the observation that energy observed or measured in the neural activity actually arises from primary activities in the respiration reaction.

Within the respiration reaction:

 organics + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water + some energy flow  (Eq. 1)

in humans, some 10^20 water molecules per second are continually forming, body-wide, day in and day out. Since water molecules have a tetrahedral-like structure with two plus and two minus vertices, each molecules can form in one of at least six different orientations or states within an enfolding field. This means or provides the opportunity for n-molecules of water forming at one respiration site to form in 6^n different ways. Twelve molecules, therefore, can ideally code to 2 billion options while eighteen molecules (6^18) can code to or support 10^14 different options or associations.

Interestingly enough, physics says that repeating vibrations within the surroundings could and likely should repeatedly influence the formation of similar sequences or "stacks" of ordered water concurrently forming during respiration. Such structural coding in the ordered water system, thus, has the energetically attractive propensity to provide very simple, direct, yet highly robust internal reflections or echoes of one's experience within one's surroundings which, incidentally, are also intimately related with energy reactions as well as protein formation and folding steps.

Such internal, natural dynamic structural coding, which minimally "conditions" inward regions in the respiration/ordered water system is favorably related to structural coding that is otherwise known to exist and occur, in the slower DNA/genetic, and in the epi-genetic systems. Moreover, since ordered water serves scaffolding roles and water does get incorporated into persistent "bound water" layers during protein synthesis, and protein synthesis has been found to be important in developing and strengthening memory, implementing longer-term memory in ordered water is a reasonable and potentially testable hypothesis. Other dynamic links to motility, expression and other facets of protein folding via various hydrogen-bonding and gel-sol routes are also readily available and moderately apparent.

Some additional information is available on the Web at:

http://structuredduality.blogspot.com http://structuredduality.blogspot.com http://structuredduality.blogspot.com

The ordered water structural coding model presented here introduces (or re-introduces, considering some aspects of Stuart Hameroff's 1999 work re: The Water Paper - http://structuredduality.blogspot.com ) an intriguing, fairly radical, and compact yet detailed way to both represent and to process information WITHIN neural systems. As such, the new approach replaces, and/or complements various, so-called "neuro-computational models" within and outside the "Neuron Doctrine", including those identified by Steven Lahar in...

-------------- "The neuron doctrine is by no means universally accepted in neuroscience. Alternative paradigms have been proposed, such as K�hler & Held's electric field theory (K�hler & Held 1947), Pribram's holographic theory (Barrett 1969, Pribram et al. 1974, Pribram 1999), De Valois & De Valois' theory of Fourier coding (De Valois & De Valois 1979, 1988), von der Malsburg's temporal correlation hypothesis (von der Malsburg & Schneider 1986, von der Malsburg 1987), Penrose's theory of quantum consciousness (Penrose 1989, 1994), Harrison's and Smythies' theory of consciousness in hidden dimensions (Harrison 1989, Smythies & Beloff 1989, Smythies 1994), to name a few. However none of these paradigms has ever been worked out in enough detail to specify exactly how perceptual information is encoded or processed in the brain. By contrast, the neuron doctrine has the distinct merit of being clear and explicitly defined, and therefore amenable to quantitative computer simulations. Therefore in the absence of a more viable alternative, the neuron doctrine remains to this day the dominant paradigm of neurocomputation, and much of the contemporary research, and discussion of the results of that research, is based implicitly or explicitly on the assumptions of this paradigm. The neuron doctrine is also fairly consistent with contemporary understanding of the neuron at the cellular level. However this concept of neurocomputation has some serious shortcomings that come to light when considering a larger systems level of analysis of brain function."

From: The Foundational Assumptions of Neuroscience by Steve Lehar http://structuredduality.blogspot.com Extracted from: Harmonic Resonance Theory: An Alternative to the "Neuron Doctrine" Paradigm of Neurocomputation to Address Gestalt properties of perception by Steven Lehar http://structuredduality.blogspot.com --------------

I propose this ordered water coding system "replaces and/or complements" these various paradigms, including, say, Lahar's harmonic resonance theory, primarily, because what is proposed is "a specific theory of detailed neuro-physiological function" that "specifies exactly how perceptual information is encoded or processed in the brain", to use two of Lahar's phrases, whereas the other models and paradigms lack such a coherent, specific, present, and useful feature.

By accomplishing the so-called neuro-computation in the analog math in the ordered water structural coding in the respiration, the entire common process goes "within" the more general neurological models. The generic coding of the "present moment" is continually updating in a somewhat unconscious manner providing a field of patterns to encounter or link with other scanning or seeking patterns and levels of organization.

Intuitively, electric field theory, holographic theory, Fourier coding, temporal correlation hypothesis, theory of quantum consciousness, consciousness in hidden dimensions and other higher level models are all supported by the internal analog, ordered water math. Moreover, the people who conceived and articulated these various models all were and are running the same sort of internal analog ordered water math when they were conceiving and creating and repeating the descriptions of their various models. In addition, implementing consciousness in the formation of coded patterns in the ordered water in various sites and regions within the body goes a long way to providing a clear and coherent explanation for the higher level observation of, say, regions of secondary visual or other types of differentiation. Vibrations from surroundings, in effect, "crystallize" or code automatically and repetitively into similar patterns at distributed respiration sites. The "neuro-computation" occurs within neurons in disparate regions which then become active and "show up" in the EEG and fMRI displays. One might choose to put this into an electri/electromagnetic field expression -- after the fact -- but one can not discern actually what is going on, say in the harmonic resonance, in field description except or only after the actual functional process is painted out in very slow motion as it occurs, step-by-step in the on-going 10^20 molecules per second ordered water math.

The coded ordered water model has a rich and intricate history, dating back to Thales in 600 .B.C., who has been referenced as saying, "All is water."

Intuitively, one may also meditate on the fact that the walls of Plato's cave were also dripping wet.

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