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This camp agrees with the Material Property Dualism camp that the functionalism that claims water pipes connected in the right way would be conscious is wrong. We also agree that nothing in a computer simulation could be conscious. The virtual reality model we espouse is not a computer simulation, the brain is not a computer.
We disagree, however, with the concept of property dualism. We believe there is one ontology, not two (the physical and the phenomenological). The world is composed of matter and forces, and the organisation of the matter varies across space and time. Some of it is organised into rocks and some of it is organised into life forms and some of these life forms are conscious.
This camp also agrees with the Updating Model of Self In The World camp that the self exists as part of our brain-based model of the world and that this model is updated to keep our model synchronised with changes in important aspects of the world. We disagree, however, with the idea that subjective awareness is what it is like to be the process of updating the model.
We believe that our brain-based model of the world centred on our self is updated by the non-conscious process of perception. The conscious self has some indirect control over this process (by, for instance, moving the body to a different location) but there is no direct intervention: updating is not conscious. Subjective awareness is what it is like to be the self.

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