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Theories of Mind and Consciousness

The goal of this topic is to concisely state the best theories of consciousness, and to quantitatively measure how much consensus there is for each.
The focus of this topic is on the Explanatory Gap or the phenomenal nature of what consciousness is like. Is Phenomenal redness a quality of the strawberry we are looking at? Or in other words is it a property of the initial cause of the perception process, or is it a quality of the final result of the perception process - our knowledge of such? Or is it some combination or something else different entirely?

Superiority of this Theoretical Information.

All of the participators of this survey process unanimously agree that the theoretical information being collaboratively developed through this concise, quantitative, consensus building communication process already surpasses anything coming out of the Ivory Tower and the now more than 20,000 peer reviewed publications in this theoretical field.

This topic is part of the Consciousness Survey Project.

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