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The purpose of this topic is to collaboratively develop a concise description of the most well accepted theories of consciousness in the most well accepted terminology, with an eye towards the future rather than in the traditional past. In addition to this we seek to produce a comprehensive quantitative measure of 'scientific consensus' so we can compare and contrast how well accepted each theory is in comparison to all competing theories.
We seek to utilize the 'camp structure' to find out where there is as much agreement as possible. While there are many different individualistic theories about the mind, many such theories share basic higher level and more important 'paradigms' of agreement. We seek to know, quantitatively, how much support there is for diverse paradigms or super camps, along with quantitative support information for each competing sub camp within these major paradigms. (See this camp for more information about the POV tree structure:
Scientists are making great strides in production of scientific details about how the brain works, and what it is like introspectively. The rate of progress in all these fields related to the mind is increasing at least exponentially. It is becoming ever more difficult to keep up with this ballooning body of knowledge that most would agree also includes ever larger amounts of worthless and distracting noise.
With this kind of rigorous quantitative 'canonized' data, we hope to be able to more efficiently help the best principles, theories and terminology to more efficiently stand out from all the noise in a way that is approachable by the common person. We hope to do all this in real time, with a view towards the future rather than being stuck in the past, as this demonstrable progress continues to be made at ever increasing rates.
Some people argue that we could be on the verge of making THE most significant scientific discovery of all time - which could be what and how is consciousness. We seek to collaboratively develop, track and monitor all of these 'camps', real time, as they develop, as more demonstrable scientific results continue to come in.
Everyone agrees that what is and isn't true is not a popularity contest. But very possibly, the increasing amount of scientific results will eventually demonstrate and prove to everyone which theory or 'camp' is THE ONE camp. The most definitive proof of this will be when most everyone starts to finally convert to THE ONE camp.
If this is ever achieved, surely the world will from then on be a very different place. Finally having demonstrable answers to the most difficult philosophical and religious conundrums about what we are, what we can know, and so on, will possibly be the least significant of the world changes which will be made possible following such a demonstrable scientific achievement.
One of our goals is to definitively document who will be the first members in THE ONE true camp before everyone else.

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