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Theories of Mind and Consciousness

The goal of this topic is to build and track consensus around the best theories of consciousness. Everyone is invited to contribute, as we want to track the default popular consensus. There is also the “Mind Expert” canonizer people can select, so people can compare the popular consensus with the “Expert Consensus”.

The focus is on the qualitative nature of consciousness. To date, the emerging consensus is predicting all we currently know about the colorness qualities of the world is the color things ‘seem’ to be. The intrinsic redness we experience is a quality of our knowledge of the strawberry, not a quality of the strawberry. Today, all of peer reviewed physics is ‘qualia blind’ or only uses one abstract word for all things red. The prediction is that once we discover which of all our descriptions of stuff in the brain is a description of redness, this will force everyone into THE ONE camp best predicting what this will soon be demonstrated to be. Today, all observation of the brain is making the same problem Jack Galant is making, when observing color perception. The goal of this topic is to be kind of like a petition, to send a message to all experimentalists, to get them to start reporting on observations of the brain in a non-qualia blind way. The current prediction is, once they do this, one of them will quickly discover which of all our descriptions of stuff in the brain is redness. So please help push this critically important scientific cause forward, and at least support the emerging consensus camps, to send this message and help accelerate this field of study to finally resolve one of the most important questions of our day: What is the nature of color and more generally, the nature of all possible qualia?

Contributors should work to describe experiments that are consistent with particular theories, and falsify competing theories.

This topic is part of the Consciousness Consensus Project.

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