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Go live Time : 24 November 2008, 05:39 AM

The purpose for this topic is to 'canonize' what the name of this topic should be.

Should there be two camps constantly leapfrogging each other in the amount of support it has, we don't want to be constantly renaming this camp. So, we expect to have some amount of hysterics (is that a word? How do you spell it?) in the process. In other words, to prevent constant renaming, the name won't change unless there is more than just a slight lead in support for a new name.

Note: Topics and camps have both names (up to 25 chars) and Titles (up to 65 chars). So any proposals for new names for the mentioned topic, if they are long (more than 25 chars) it is ok for this to be used in the title. But, there must also be a short name version that is less than 25 chars.

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