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Go live Time : 25 November 2008, 05:24 AM
We ask for all government leaders and officials to preserve the right of individuals to choose cryonics as an end of life option.

Cryonics is the preservation of mammalian tissue at cryogenic temperatures. There are many community members, families and futurists who have arrangements to be preserved when they die. Many have based their decision to do this on studies that have shown viable brain preservation in mammals that were preserved at cryogenic temperatures (below -200 degrees Fahrenheit, -130 degrees Celsius-- much colder than freezing). There are current studies on the preservation and transportation of kidneys at cryogenic temperatures that have been showing progress in the preservation techniques, such as a new method called vitrification that enables an organ to be preserved with virtually no ice crystal damage. Cryonics procedures involve replacing body water with cryoprotectants. This biologic anti-freeze protects blood vessels and organs at very low temperatures, without damaging ice crystals forming.

People who choose this as their end of life option hope that humanity will keep advancing as it has over the past several hundred years and past hundred years in particular. They all know that cryonics may not work, but that the research into preservation helps others who are living now through advanced organ donor transport. Cryonicists want the chance to do more good for their society in the future, to continue their lives--or not, to them it won't matter as they are legally dead anyway. The mathematical chance that cryonics could work, although some specialists put it as low as 5% or 1%, still is a chance.

One can pay for their cryonic preservation for as little as $28,000.00 out of their life insurance, and still leave many times that amount monetarily for their family or favorite non-profits. There are cryonicists from all the world's major religions, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds and educational levels. There are environmentalists who appreciate that their body is not cremated and there are no embalming agents poisoning ground-water. Some are happy that no electricity is used to upkeep their preserved remains (only liquid nitrogen), and that their carbon footprint is only pennies each year. Some cryonicists donate viable organs to help people in need now. There are cryonicists of all political backgrounds as well.

Various organizations such as the Society for Venturism exist to promote such things as cryonic preservation. This is a 501-(c)3, tax-exempt, non profit organization incorporated in Arizona for the purpose of support and advocacy of cryonics. The Venturist Bylaws list, among the primary objectives and purposes of the Society "To advocate and promote the worldwide conquest of death and the continuation and enhancement of life through technological means, including cryonic suspension." "The Venturists have the belief that the ethics, laws and moral standards are already in place that could support a future society's need to revive cryonics patients. If cryonic preservation is shown to play a key role in prolonging the lives of patients (and this would happen if someone is successfully revived and repaired), not only will it become publicly accepted, but it will also become part and parcel of the medical paradigm that already exists in operating rooms around the world - to save the lives of patients, sometimes heroically and at all costs. One of the first things that could very well happen if there are successful reanimations, would be medical reviews of the case histories of cryonics patients, to determine which ones have a sufficiently high likelihood of successful revival given the state of reanimation technology any given year."

We have a profound hope for a very bright future. We seek to educate others about such possibilities and hopes. We also hope people will recognize our hopes and not legally deny us the ability to act, as we choose.

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