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Go live Time : 17 August 2023, 02:26 PM


Right to be public and open

In the good old days, everyone had their name and address in a phone book, and you could get ahold of people. In the good old days, research companies could use people's medical history to do life saving research. Now, because polarized society is so bent on fear monging bleting and tweeting, about any possible bad thing that could happen to everyone, so many more people are dead because of that lack of research. Everyone completely misses all the good that could hapen to society, if they'd just focus on the good that happens when we be more social, and care about what others may want from our personal informaiton. Why does nobody ever bleat or tweet about any of the good that could happen, if people would just be a bit more public about everything.

We HATE HIPPA, and want to prioritize being more social and more scientific research over eveyrone's anti social fear monging that someone migh thurt them.

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