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We believe the idea that software can reproduce consciousness, or more specifically, any type of qualia, to be an obviously absurd and mistaken idea.
Today's abstract computers are specifically designed in such a way that it doesn't matter what the information, or the ones (could represent red) and zeros (could represent green), are represented by. That is why software is considered to be 'abstract'.
Our brain, on the other hand, is of an entirely different design. What we represent 700nm (red) and 500nm (green) light with, and what such representations are fundamentally like and how they are phenomenally different is the most important and fundamental attribute of what it means to be consciously aware.
Phenomenal red and green can abstractly represent things like 700nm and 500nm light (what our brain does do), and abstract things or software can fully represent, model, computer and behave just like qulia. But, just because something is fully representing or behaving like, doesn't mean it is fundamentally or phenomenally anything like the original.

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