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Go live Time : 26 May 2023, 07:02 PM

The purpose of this topic is to build consensus for an acceptable tax increase amount in Sandy City.

According to the official website of Sandy City, the current property tax rate for Sandy City is 0.001421. This means that for a home with a market value of $300,000, the annual property tax would be $426.30. This rate does not include other taxes levied by the county, school district, or special service districts.

Comparing this rate with other neighboring cities in the Salt Lake Valley, Sandy City has one of the lowest property tax rates. According to a document from the Utah State Tax Commission, the 2021 property tax rates for some of the neighboring cities are:

  • Draper: 0.001508
  • Midvale: 0.002021
  • Murray: 0.002125
  • Salt Lake City: 0.002223
  • West Jordan: 0.002235
  • South Jordan: 0.002251

Sandy City’s website also states the proposed property tax increase is intended to fund public safety needs, such as hiring new police officers and firefighters, as well as maintaining city services and infrastructure. The city claims that the increase is needed because of rising costs, stagnant revenues, and population growth. The city also says that without the increase, it would have to cut services, lay off employees, or use reserves.

The issue of property tax increase has been debated for several years in Sandy City, but it became more urgent after a water contamination crisis in 2019 that exposed the city's aging infrastructure and lack of emergency preparedness. The city council voted 4-3 in June 2019 to trigger a Truth in Taxation hearing, which is required by law anytime a proposal to raise taxes is in play. The hearing was held in August 2019, where residents and officials expressed their opinions on the matter. The final decision on the tax increase was postponed until November 2019, when the city council voted 5-2 to approve a 33% property tax hike, which was lower than the original 34% ceiling.

The expected or desired outcomes of the tax increase are to enhance public safety, improve water quality, repair roads and sidewalks, upgrade parks and trails, and support economic development. The consequences of not raising the tax are to risk public health and safety, deteriorate city assets and services, and reduce quality of life.

Help Sandy City’s Mayor and City Council to represent you by joining the camp that represents your viewpoint on the matter. From these camps you can also propose an edit to the statement, make your own camp that represents a more specific view and participate in discussions.

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