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John Gregg

John Gregg has a bachelors degree in computer science and is the author of the book Ones and Zeros. He has had a life long interest in AI and the study of the mind. He started out as an "undergraduate atheist computer programmer... a die-hard reductive physicalist." He tends to be in the same camp on many issues with experts such as Marvin Minsky, Daniel Dennett and others. However, when it comes to the nature of the mind, especially regarding the Hard Problem he has recognized and converted to the camp that there is something more to consciousness than most of these experts claim.

He is the maintainer of the very educational John Gregg's Consciousness Site containing multiple excellent essays on various issues about consciousness. This site is proof of his commanding understanding of the important issues surrounding consciousness. He is currently in the Nature has ineffable phenomenal properties camp on theories of consciousness.

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