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The use of the words "sunrise" and "sunset" implies the (innocuous) acceptance of the Ptolemaic description of the universe.
The use of the word "mind" is not innocuous.
It implies the unquestioning acceptance of the mind-body dualism/metaphysical duality which underlies the entire scientific method; as if that paradigm is both completely sufficient to the description of human consciousness and utterly beyond question or challenge.
That is, it implies that the scientific description of human consciousness--the description originating in self-reflection and the thought of the 'thinker', based upon descriptions of the space-time reality, and including the results of experiments which are reproducible and in conformity with the rules of scientific evidence and logic--is all that is necessary to describe the full range and potential of human consciousness and experience. (Thus, it categorically rejects, as important or even relevant, the experience of the emergence of the 'unconscious' as occurs in psychosis; as well as the emergence, in the midst of such psychosis, of a third dimension of consciousness which is neither the consciousness of the 'thinker' nor the 'unconscious'.)
The use of, instead, the term "Consciousness Experts" would not carry with it the implied acceptance of the paradigm of metaphysical philosophy and science; thus not immediately closing the door on the possibility of--if not the necessity for--a fundamental paradigm change for the understanding of consciousness itself; a paradigm in which the scientific method (and any purported 'science of consciousness) is merely one 'frame of reference' (based upon thought) for the understanding of human consciousness and experience.

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