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Go live Time : 14 January 2009, 10:59 PM
The Wayback Machine at http://archive.org can be classified as the only popular search engine that keeps public web content stored in an archive. System requirements to access their archived HTML documents are low enough for a broad spectrum of browser versions. The Wayback Machine works well with older web browsers. It has no mentionable competitor, but WebCite http://archive.org is a web archive which caches pages as well. Other archives don't collect content with a search engine and access requires a modern web browser with Flash-plugin. There are three free archives where memorabilia can be uploaded by HTTP browser interface. Their programs have the capacity to turn personal documents into digital clones of artificial life. Actually, http://archive.org tolerates older versions of software. Access to files at http://archive.org may not be interactive without a suitable Flash-plugin. The hardest to access by web surfers who are using old versions of software is http://archive.org which has the highest system requirements of all of these archives.

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