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Go live Time : 03 September 2022, 04:55 AM

Simplified User Interface

This suggestion proposes to overhaul the user interface entirely to simplify the user experience.

The functional presentation and navigation of the Canonizer website is counter intuitive and overwhelming. To be successful, the user experience needs to be much more straight forward, simple, and direct.

Even where it can be argued that the hierarchal structure of the super camp, camp, sub camp, sibling camp, and child camp presentations may reflect the functional intent of the system developers in parsing out portions of agreement and disagreements, the way they are presented for users are not readily understood or easily followed. This chills enthusiasm for use of the system. We are losing people who find the functional presentation off putting and hard to follow.

There are a variety of ways the information that is desired from user input can be collected without confusing the users in a maze of complex topical category presentations that appear to be outlines, and therefore engender that type of interpretation, when in fact they are not outlines, but super camps, sibling camps, and child camps, etc. that have quite a different type of relationship than a traditional outline.

The author of this suggestion believes there is no need to burden the users with the presentations the Canonizer now employs to collect their input and summarize the research results.

The presentation can be much more simple to follow and understand. Of course this would take considerable programming to accomplish, but the project won't work if it is not user friendly, and it most certainly is not.

Addendum from Canonizer Team

Suggestion has been accepted and will be addressed in Canonizer 3.0 that will be a complete redesign.

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