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Go live Time : 03 June 2022, 04:36 PM

Modified Tally Counts

This suggestion is to modify tally counts for camps in topics where support for a variety of camps within a topic is indicated by the same person and not intended (by that person) to indicate a fractional reduction of support for already supported sibling camps within that topic.

This topic, for instance, (suggestion box) is set up to accommodate an unlimited number of stand-alone suggestions. An indication of support for any one suggestion is not appropriately interpreted to be a fractional reduction of support for any other suggestion. Similarly, in the Public Platform Topic, multiple platform planks are set up as "camps". Individual support for any one camp, is not appropriately interpreted to be a fractional reduction in support for any other plank (camp).

In such cases, the author of this suggestion believes that one vote for each individual who has supported any one suggestion camp or political platform plank, no matter how many individual suggestions or political platform planks he (short for all genders) has supported, should be counted in the topic tally.

The way the tally works now (as of the date of this suggestion), in such instances, does not accurately reflect the intent of the system participants and, therefore, discourages system use.

See also Default Sort Display

Note: This suggestion overlaps somewhat, but not entirely, the Alternate Survey Support suggestion.

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