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Arguments in favor of Increased Character Limits for Topics

Arguments against increased character limits for camp topic titles seem to center on web title and bread crumb issues. However, we believe these to be false arguments that evidence a lack of programming expertise and experience by those who present them. Web Page Titles and bread crumbs can be abbreviated or shortened with ellipsis (…) where that is useful for web page titles and bread crumbs, or other such solutions can be used.

An argument against the use of ellipsis in the "Con" sub camp has been offered which seems to evidence that author's relevant inexperience. It suggests that the use of an ellipsis cuts into the title character field size limit ("a waste of 3 critical characters in the bread crumb"). It does not. The ellipsis is only used in re-presentation of the title on pages where there is not sufficient space for the full title. This is a dynamic abbreviation trick. It appears the author of the Con argument has demonstrated insufficient competent experience in the subject matter.

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