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Cons for larger camp names

One example of where having large names is problematic is in the breadcrumbs at the top of each page. Here is an example:

Topic: Theories of Consciousness
Camp: Agreement / Approachable Via Science / Representational Qualia / Mind-Brain Identity / Monism / Qualia Emerge from Function / Detect React Associate / DRA is not enough 
Also, using ellipses often doesn't abbreviate the name in a way that is most useful for the reader, and the ellipses are a waste of 3 critical characters in each name in bread crumbs.

And it is always recommended that the "Title" of the camp be included, in bold, at the top of the camp statement, as is done in this camp. There is no other "title" value for camps in the system. Such titles can be the full non abbreviated name of the camp, with as many characters as anyone wants. The name field in a camp record is really only for breadcrumbs and the true name includes all parent camps and topic name (why it is so short) The title is meant to be in the camp statement.

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