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Go live Time : 27 October 2022, 03:08 AM

Topic Character Limits

The Character limit for the titles of Camps and Topics is 30 characters. It is the position of supporters of this camp that it is too small and should be increased considerably. (Maybe 150 or more)

Supporting Arguments:

The 30 character limit is insufficient to provide a title that is adequately descriptive while differentiated from similar titles and that takes advantage of alphabetization utility for ease in locating related camps and topics.

For instance, "Corruption" might be a useful topic that falls within the 30 character title limit. However, "Corruption - Police Abuse of Power" (or some other topic) is a useful example of a sub division of the corruption topic that warrants its own distinction for specific discussion purposes. Using the "Corruption" part of the title redundantly with the hyphen makes it obvious and easy to find (alphabetically... assuming the system supports alphabetized presentation of topics and camps) in close proximity to related topics. This will assist in ease of use (finding related things that already exist) and will help reduce redundancy (people creating related topics because they didn't notice them already in the random pile of topics for lack of alphabetized ease in the search)

Such a topic "Corruption - Police Abuse of Power" cannot be created in the current system (as of this date - 5/18/2022) because that title exceeds the 30 character limit.

If you agree with the position (suggestion) in this camp, please indicate your support whether you agree with the rationale in this lower supporting argument section or not. If you think you have better supporting arguments, please feel free to recommend them by editing this camp statement. Shortly, I (the guy who set up this suggestion box and this camp) will also be adding a suggestion to provide separate pages for supporting arguments so they are attached to by not necessarily included in the camp statement page.

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