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Go live Time : 29 March 2023, 04:22 PM

We propose a new feature for Canonizer that enables users who submit edits to camp statements to have the ability to reject their own edit, regardless of whether they were supporters of the camp at the time of submission.

Currently, only supporters at the time of submission can accept or reject edits during the 24-hour review period. If all supporters accept an edit, it is published immediately. However, if any supporters reject the edit, it is marked as rejected for historical record and not published.

This suggestion aims to provide more flexibility and control to users who submit edits. There might be instances where a user, upon reflection or after receiving feedback, realizes that their proposed edit is not suitable or could be improved. In such cases, the user should be able to reject their own edit, preventing it from being published even if all other supporters accept it.

Implementing this feature would empower users who contribute to camp statements and enhance the quality of content on Canonizer. It would also encourage users to submit edits confidently, knowing they have the option to retract them if needed.

We believe this change will improve the overall Canonizer experience and streamline the camp statement editing process for both submitters and supporters.

This feature can be implemented by adding and OR condition to the preexisting logic that checks if a user was a supporter at the time of submission that checks if the current user is the submitter.

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