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Go live Time : 29 May 2022, 06:44 PM

Adjust Management Priorities

It has been said, by a current member of the Canonizer's interim management team, that the success of the Canonizer, for which continued funding can be justified, is measured in how many users sign up and participate, as users.

Naturally, this is a common measurement and typical of system valuation considerations. Current negotiations for the acquisition of Twitter are rooted in valuations based on credible users.

Given this criteria is as important as it is, it would seem to naturally follow that efforts to increase traffic to the Canonizer and convert visits into registrations (people signing up as users and participating) would be a top priority, absent other considerations.

It is profoundly important to recognize that, in the case of the Canonizer, as with any website development project, readiness for prime time is a critical consideration. If traffic and users are driven to a website that is not ready for prime time, but rather, in a problematic state of unreadiness and incompleteness, the “first impression” left with the users who arrive may be insurmountably negative.

Some websites are, in certain respects, understood to be in a perpetual state of dynamic improvement. Wikipedia, for example is a grass roots encyclopedia that is constantly being updated and improved as a result of user participation. The fact that perpetual improvement based on contributions is expected, is in no way an excuse to overlook critical aspects of functional user readiness to support the arrival, and clear understanding of users who arrive and care to contribute.

The Canonizer is clearly NOT ready for prime time on multiple levels and in multiple ways that preclude any reasonable expectation that a useful number of organic visitors would be inclined to stay and participate. The fact that non-organic users (those influenced or coerced or paid to participate or otherwise motivated in ways that are external to the natural inclination they would feel in the absence of any incentives) may be paid or influenced to participate is not a useful indicator of anything worthwhile from the perspective of the prospects of the success of the project.

As such is the case (the Canonizer is NOT ready for prime time), management's primary rational dedication should be to addressing the functional and aesthetic system inadequacies that need to be overcome to achieve the goal of appropriate readiness.

Any rational marketing professional would agree that such is fundamental to appropriate management of a fledgling project, and that premature recruitment of site traffic is self-destructive to a project.

Management should focus on readiness, until readiness is achieved. Management should hold off on actual recruitment of users and traffic, until AFTER readiness is achieved.

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