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Go live Time : 29 May 2022, 11:19 PM


The name "Canonizer" suggests, by the most common definitions of "Canonize" in current use, an attempt to acquire religious authoritative approval of stated positions (camps).

This, unfortunately, is quite off putting to most people. Virtually every focus group feedback conversation the author of this suggestion has been able to participate in has revealed universal dislike and distrust of the Canonizer project because of its name, among other reasons.

Consistent with the reservations people feel about the name, significant sections of the Canonizer topics are not only religious in their nature, but also evidence considerable religious bias by the operators of the system that is not universally appealing. (Pro-Mormon)

So, this suggestion is to re-brand the Canonizer under a more universally appealing name and url and steer far clear of religious connotations.

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