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Go live Time : 12 June 2022, 08:18 PM

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This "Topic" (Suggestion Box) is being set up to encourage suggestions from users on how to improve the Canonizer site and/or your Canonizer experience. Please open a new "camp page" for each suggestion. You will have 30 characters to give the suggestion a "camp title" and then unlimited space to articulate your suggestion. I (the guy setting up this Suggestion Box) am going to suggest that 30 spaces isn't enough for a title. (lol)

The corollary point of using the camp system for suggestions, is to encourage people to "weigh in" (indicate support) for already existing suggestions (suggestions that you found here when you arrived in this topic.)

If you see a suggestion you agree with, please indicate your support for that suggestion camp.

It would be nice if we were informed when and if any of these suggestions are implemented or critiqued. Sadly, it would appear, in some circles, the desire to undermine them through backchannel discussions exceeds the desire to engage constructively and openly in the discussion. Consider Unethical Collaboration as it may apply.

If you notice anything in them that bears constructive criticism or other input or comments, or if you notice any to have been implemented, please speak up. (It appears some have been quietly implemented after notice of the suggestion, without the courtesy of open acknowledgment that such was the case.)

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