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Go live Time : 10 August 2008, 09:22 AM
We have faith in the type of rational argumentation used in this new argument for God. Because of such faith things like the Fermi Paradox are very troubling to us.

This new argument for God is also similarly compelling and troubling, though we do see some potential problems in the reasoning.

For example, the abstract of the strongest of the 3 charity arguments states:

"If any advanced civilization probably creates many worlds like those in its past then any advanced civilization that created our world probably acts toward us with at least as much benevolence as it expects any advanced civilization that created its world should act toward it."

But when you move this argument from between our Gods, and their Gods, to between us, as new just embarking on the creations of worlds or simulations, and how we might want to be treated by our Gods, this becomes problematic.

We believe that nature has phenomenal properties. Given this, any simulations we are now creating are mere 'zombie' simulations which to various degrees behave like reality. Any potentially identically behaving beings in them would also be mere zombies. There is no feeling, consciousness or what it is phenomenally like to be them for them.

Lincoln has claimed that simulated worlds could some how be endowed with such phenomenal properties we know to absolutely exist at our level of reality. We doubt this claim, but let us assume it is true for a moment.

If this turned out to be possible, in addition to having the ability to create zombie simulated worlds, we would also be about to achieve the ability to create phenomenal simulated worlds containing beings that could really feel pain and suffering, as we do. It seems obvious to us that creating any such phenomenal and feeling world that was isolated from us, full of still primitive animalistic suffering beings that did things like crucify each other, would be obviously immoral, and not in any way benevolent. There would be no reason to create such terrible simulations, especially since anything accomplished by such could also be accomplished much more efficiently by a similarly behaving 'zombie' simulation.

As you can see, regardless of any such rational arguments, we doubt if the existence of god is something we should really hope is true. We hope to be able to reject, outright, any view of reality that necessitates powerful beings hiding behind some so called 'veil' as is described in this Do not believe in ghosts, veils, or neither worlds camp.

Instead, we hope that we will never be compelled to hide from any beings whether they are our creations, some other life elsewhere in the universe we discover, or wherever.

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