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Go live Time : 12 August 2008, 04:45 AM
Brent Allsop was having a great conversation with Kevin Harrison while reading some of the Jesperson Family books Myrna Fairbanks had provided sitting on the table. During the conversation a young person (anyone remember who this was?) came up and asked Kevin what sounded like: "Where are the Jesperson Books?" Kevin and I looked at each other, reached over and picked up one of the history books, and said they are right here. He looked back in confusion and restated several more times: "No, the Jesperson Bucks". We finally realized what he was asking for, and he indicated he had done some cleaning to earn some. Kevin did have some, so he gave him his well earned Jesperson Buck.

That was a wonderful idea, and it was very exciting to see all the young people so interested and motivated and actively always helping in any way they could to earn these 'Jesperson Bucks'.

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