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Go live Time : 14 September 2008, 09:12 PM

2008 Jesperson Family Reunion

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The goal of this topic is to find out what each family member enjoyed most about the 2008 family reunion. We want to have a camp page for each of the things anyone enjoyed. People can 'join' these camps and indicate which ones are their favorite. This will result in a top 10 or so list of items everyone most enjoyed. If something is already listed, all you have to do is 'join' that camp, and perhaps help improve its description, or add some personal comments about it. If what you enjoyed isn't yet there, you can create a new 'camp' for it, so that you and others can indicate if it is one of their top things they most enjoyed.

In addition to lists of what each member liked the most, will be the composit list resulting in a top 10 or so list of things everyone most enjoyed about the family reunion.

The more items everyone contributes, the better history we will be able to keep before we all forget any of the fun stuff.

How to show what your favorite things about the reunion were:

For this topic, each 'camp' describes something about the family reunion that someone enjoyed. Perhaps there are already a few things listed that you also enjoyed. Hopefully there is also something you remember that nobody has yet created a camp for. Obviously, the more camps people create, and the better each item is described, the better our record of all the fun we had there will be recorded.

The first requirement is to be registered so you can participate. Select the "Register New User" on the side bar and complete your registration.

Any time you think of or remember anything new about the reunion that nobody has recorded yet, create a new camp for this. All camps have a parent camp which for this topic will always be the agreement statement. Once you are on this top agreement statement, select the link to create a new camp under this agreement statement.

You can then fill out the form providing the information about what you remember. There is a Name, a Title, some "key words" if you want them. Ignore the URL field for this case. Be sure the parent camp is the Agreement Statement, and you have a note describing what your action. Then select create the new camp. This will get you half way there.

Next you can add the statement. To do this simply select the 'Add Camp Statement' link in the Camp Statement section of your newly created camp page.

The next step is to indicate which items were your most favorite. Start with the item you enjoyed most and go to that camp page. Scroll down to the "Support Tree" section with the "Join or Directly Support This Camp" link. This will take you to an order page where you can change the order of support for all camps in this topic. If it is your first supported camp, it will be the only one listed. As you add more camps to your support list, you can order them according to what you enjoyed the most, then commit your direct support.

That is basically all there is to it. Remember that it is a wiki system. Anyone can change anything, as long as everyone in the camp agrees to any proposed improvements. Anyone supporting a camp can object to proposed changes, preventing them from going live.

To change anything, simply select the "Manage/Edit" link for the record you want to modify. This will take you to a history page showing the history of that record. You will most likely start with the one at the top of the list, or the most recent record, as your starting point. Then select the 'Propose modification based on this version' link.

Even these instructions can be modified. So if you can think of a way to improve them, or anything else, please do so. The system and the history will only be as good as everyone makes it.

Wiki systems aren't like a formal publication process, so you don't have to guarantee that you have everything perfect before you submit anything. Just get your ideas started quickly and easily, and let everyone else help improve things as we go.

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