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Canonizer.com wiki text formatting

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Canonizer uses Wiki text formatting in its camp statements. If you want to edit a camp statement for submission, the following formatting information may be helpful.

Pressing return twice will create a line break and a new paragraph. It is recommended that lengthy statements be broken up into smaller paragraphs to make them easier to read.

To italicize text, put two apostrophes before and after the text you want in italics. 

For example:

''Italicized text'' becomes Italicized text’'. 

To bold text, simply add three apostrophes before and after the text you want bolded, like so:

'''Bold text''' becomes 'Bolded text’. 

You’ll notice, however, that our examples include text with two and three apostrophes that weren’t transformed into either bold or italicized text. That’s because they were contained in the nowiki and /nowiki tags. Use these tags before and after text you want to exempt from any Wiki text formatting.

Links and File Uploads

When you type in a URL, it automatically becomes a link: http://canonizer.com . If you want to reference a URL without making it an active link, surround the URL with the and tags.

You can use brackets to label the link, so that [http://canonizer.com The Canonizer] becomes The Canonizer.

If you would like to host an image on Canonizer, click the "Upload File" option on the sidebar. Files will be accessible at the URL http://canonizer.com

You can also insert an image being hosted on another URL using the markup in the link below. So [[File:http://canonizer.com displays:



Use equal signs to create headings in a post. The number of equal signs will determine the size of the headings, as shown below. 
 = Heading 1 =

== Heading 2 ==



Bulleted lists: 

You can make bulleted lists by preceding the items in your list with asterisks.

* Item 1.

* Item 2.

** Subitem 1


You can also create numbered lists by using # instead of *.


  • Indentation or Leading spaces on a paragraph turn off formatting.

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