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Go live Time : 13 September 2008, 10:41 PM

Oscar F. Jesperson canonizer.com main page and forum

The official Oscar F. Jesperson web page is at http://www.jesperson.org/. A family blog is at blogspot.com. These canonizer.com pages are meant to be a supplemental location where anyone can collaborative make any unofficial contributions without having to be submitted through a web administrator. It is a wiki type system so anyone can contribute in any way desirable. If something here becomes well developed and supported, people may want to consider transferring the information to the official site.

The forum for this topic (see the "Topic Forum" link below) can also be used for a family forum or way to post news to everyone subscribing. Anyone 'supporting' this main topic is automatically subscribed and will receive e-mails of all forum posts here by anyone. Everything is permanently recorded for posterities sake.

Here are links to all the pages created so far in the /family/Jesperson_Oscar_F/ namespace at canonizer.com:

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