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Go live Time : 25 May 2023, 01:40 AM

Conversations with Nick Names


The "Conversation with Nickname" feature is designed to enhance user interaction and facilitate direct messaging between users. It allows users to initiate conversations and exchange messages with any user on the platform using unique nicknames. By leveraging this feature, users can communicate privately, collaborate, seek assistance, or engage in meaningful discussions.

Design Link: https://xd.adobe.com/view/d843bf44-1fec-477c-8461-1e59c4514ecb-8d10/screen/8755022c-6f56-4d29-b1f6-538771dc777e/?fullscreen 

Key features:

1. User Profiles: Each user on the website has a profile. This nicknames serves as their primary identification within the system.


2. Manage Friends: The "Manage Friends" feature complements the "Conversation with Nickname" feature by providing users with the ability to manage their list of friends on Canonizer. It enables users to establish and maintain connections with other users, making it easier to initiate conversations, share content, and collaborate within a trusted network.


3. Nickname Cards: User can hover over the nicknames anywhere on the site to view the quick profile view card with different options.


4. Direct Messaging Interface: Dedicated conversation interface will be accessible from the user dropdown. This interface allows users to view, send, and receive messages.



5. Message Notifications: Users receive notifications, such as alerts or badges, when they receive new messages. These notifications can be displayed within the website or sent via email or mobile push notifications, depending on the user's preferences.

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