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Go live Time : 23 May 2023, 05:38 AM


Manage Friends:


Users will have the option to manage friends from the settings dropdown. Under manage friends, there will be three tabs, My Friends, Invite via email, and Friend Requests.

Under My Friends, the user can see the list of their friends. Users can search from the list of friends by name.

Invite via email: https://marvelapp.com/prototype/b1c55bb/screen/87454549 

Under Invite via email, the user can enter an email address to invite friends on Canonizer. Users will be able to view the list of emails to whom the requests are sent.

Friend Requests: https://marvelapp.com/prototype/b1c55bb/screen/87501227 

Users can view the list of received friend requests and sent friend requests to the users already on the platform.

From Received Requests, the user can search via name. Can accept the request or reject it. Under the Sent Requests tab, the user will see a list of users to which the request is sent.



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