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Go live Time : 17 May 2023, 02:36 PM

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Users can create a post with the click of Create Post option. To create a post, the user will select Nick Name and Post content with the option to add images, tag friends, tag camps, and add location. Users will further be able to set the privacy of the post as public, only friends, friends of friends, or private.

Tag Friends: https://marvelapp.com/prototype/b1c55bb/screen/87473364

Users can tag friends and can select multiple friends with the option to search for friends.

Tag Camps: https://marvelapp.com/prototype/b1c55bb/screen/90113968

Users can tag multiple camps in a post.

Add Location: https://marvelapp.com/prototype/b1c55bb/screen/90113969

Users can add a location along with a post.

Users can also remove the tagged friends, tagged camps, and added locations before submitting the post.

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