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Go live Time : 18 May 2023, 02:39 PM

Feed Page:


The feed page is to show all the activities, posts, events, and webinars on the same page. Users can filter the feeds by Namespace, Topic Name, or Only their feeds or only friend feeds.

Users will have the option to Create Posts, Create Events, and Create Webinars.

Below are the feeds which will be displayed to the user:

  • New activity on supported camps
  • Recent posts related to supported camps
  • New posts by friends
  • Recent events related to supported camps
  • Recent events posted by friends
  • A New webinar added related to supported camps
  • Recent webinar posted by friends
  • Any post with mention of a user in a post or comment 
  • Users will be able to React (Like, Insightful, Funny, Love, Support), Comment and Reshare a post.



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