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Go live Time : 19 July 2008, 08:05 PM
Thanks to the contributions of many dedicated people, a fairly good article about consciousness has been evolving on wikipedia.

The goal of this consciousness topic at canonizer.com is to go beyond such in several ways.

First is to try to obtain a concise statement of each of the various 'camps' of beliefs about consciousness. Next is to quantitatively measure the amount of people, and who these people are (what is their reputation, and other beliefs), that are in each 'camp'.

History of all this is also important, but should be isolated from the key issues and current concise statements or definitions. Significant scientific achievements being made in this field at an accelerating rate, and surely going forward, the people in various camps is bound to be very dynamic and changing as all this new understanding comes in. Having a history of who was in the right camps / theories, the soonest, is another goal here.

While the history of thought on this topic is important, too many encyclopedic articles on this topic get lost trying to capture all such primitive thought. This becomes very distracting to what is already a very difficult topic for people to comprehend in any useful way. Here, there is more priority in simply expressing the ideas as concisely and simply as possible, with the most utility for fully understanding the various 'camps' and theories.

If what you believe consciousness to be, or what you intend when you use this term, is contained in one of the below camps, please join such and help improve it. If it is not yet there, we hope you will add your definition for the benefit of others that find value in think of it the same way you do.

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