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Go live Time : 09 December 2006, 09:56 PM
Being led by any deserving leaders.

Everyone is often talking about the 'next big thing' or the 'next new thing'. These are usually 'disrupting' ideas that dramatically affect entire industries and humanity. You Tube disrupting the TV and video industry is a prime recent example. Within 2 years this 'next big thing' went from nothing to having Google purchase it for $1.6 billion.

The traditional 'heard' mentality has a hard time believing that something so fantastic could occur so rapidly. And the typical mind set, despite the ever increasing evidence, still seems to be something like that has never happened before, so it will probably never happen again. As a next big thing, Digg.com, founder Kevin Rose says: 'They just don't get it.'

We believe these 'next big things' will continue to show up at an ever more rapid rate. And each successive one will dwarf the previous one in its world changing significance. Each of these continuing the acceleration towards the infinite disrupter which will be the 'singularity'.

Inevitably these 'next big things' must start as an idea or spark in a single mind and or small camp when the environment is finally ripe for them to occur. The people coming up with these ideas are not traditional heard following people. These next big things usually don't come from some traditional established hierarchical institution. These sparks are ignited by the ones that truly are 'thinking outside of the box' and usually ones with fantastic faith, hope, and imagination for what is possible in the future. We want canonizer to be a framework that greatly enables the system to more rapidly recognize and enable such 'leaders' to lead us forward with ever increasing speed and power whether that bit inside or outside Canonizer LLC. Not only do we want to reward such leaders with more influence and 'reputation' ' we want to justly financially and equitably reward them for their results as well.

Sure each individual, and especially those doing the work and contributing the resources should have some say, but rather than having a one person one vote heard control canonizer, we believe it is important to do anything possible to try to find these hopeful leaders of the future and then let them pull us into the future. Things like past reputation for such success is obviously one way of picking out who should have much influence on the canonizer canonizer. Having a history of which canonizer 'camps' start out small, and who is in them when they are still small, and ultimately explode in popularity will provide invaluable information along these lines. The initial members of such camps that start out small but ultimately turn out to be right are some of the ones we want to recognize and lead us forward.

We hope to be able to develop methods such as this and find many more ways than just this to 'select' which people to give the majority of control too. But to get things started at Canonizer LLC we propose something like the following where the founders are initially given leadership control:

C = (-1/(Tp+1) + 1)Af + Tf

Af = Asp + Ash Tf = Fsp + Fsh Tp = Psp + Psh

C is Canonized Support

Asp is Number of all founders.

Ash is Number of all shares held by all founders.

Fsp is Number of Founders supporting.

Fsh is Number of total shares owned by founder support.

Psp is Number of Participators Supporting.

Psh is Number of total shares owned by participators supporting.

In this scenario, it will take an infinite number of non founders to equal the vote of all recognized founders or 'mavericks'.

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