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Inclusive Quadratic Shares

  • Inclusive Quadratic Shares = sqrt(maximum(1, shares))
We want anyone to have at least one vote, even if they don’t have any of these recognition shares. People with more shares deserve more of a say, but only to a degree. We don’t want ‘whale’ share owners to control things. To this end, we take the square root of shares.

Canonizer recognition shares are openly tracked in the Master Canonizer Share Sheet. People are recognized with 1 share by either donating one hour, or contributing $100, or some combination of the two (paid $40 for 1 hour results in $40 + 0.60 shares).

These shares are only seen as “recognition” for work done and there is no legally binding authority for any of this nor any quid-pro-quo. This system may change at any time.

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